The WOD for 11.24.14 is…

The WOD for 11.23.14 is….
Note: the gym will be CLOSED Thursday in observance of Thanksgiving.
Friday, we will have a 9 AM Group WOD, and then Open Gym from 10-11.
Saturday we will have our regular 9 AM class.

Back Squat
5 x 75%
3 x 85%
1+ x 95%

4x 10 (each leg) Weighted Step Ups.
Try to set box up so leg is at or just above parallel.

“Cold Compress”
45 Wall Balls 20/14
15 Chest to Bar
5 Deadlift 305/215
36 Wall Balls 20/14
12 Chest to Bar
4 Deadlift 305/215
27 Wall Balls 20/14
9 Chest to Bar
3 Deadlift 305/215

The WOD for 11.21.14 is….

3 x 70%
3 x 80%
3+x 90%

3 x 10 Romanian Deadlift (Work to medium-heavy weight, but keep form perfect)

1 x 20 Speed Squats
(Pick a weight roughly 40% of your back squat max, go 20 unbroken back squats as fast as possible)


“Mid-Line Instability”

7 Rounds

Each Round is 2:30

Run 400 M
With any time remaining AMRAP Sit Ups

Rest 30 seconds between rounds

The WOD for 11.15.14

The WOD for 11.15.14 is…

“Old Time Rock n Roll”

Perform The Following in “Tabata” Style (20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest, for 8 cycles through)

Push Press 65/45
Jump Squat
SDHP 65/45
Box Jump 24/20

Notice: Today (Saturday) CrossFit Provision will be hosting a Little Warrior WOD (9 am and 10 am) and silent auction 9 am to Noon) to benefit Ella Viles. This is an event to help support a member of the CrossFit community and I would love to see some CrossFit Nixa members go out to show support. Here is the information provided by CrossFit Provision

Crossfit Community,
Crossfit Provision is proud to announce our 2nd Annual Little Warrior WOD to be held Saturday Nov 15, 2014 9am-12pm!!! Little Luke Swan is passing the Warrior torch on to our new Warrior Ella Viles!
This event is open to everyone and we are taking donations to participate in the Warrior Wod at 9am and 10am with a silent auction running from 9am -12pm.
We will be raising funds and awareness for Provision Co-owners Jami and Shannon Kirby’s niece Ella , who suffers from Rett Syndrome. Rett Syndrome is a debilitating genetic disorder which strikes 1 in 10,000 girls. Ella has and will endure many therapy sessions and medical visits for the rest of her life. 50% of Rhett’s girls will never walk and 99% will never speak or communicate. All while having completely functional brains and minds. They are literally held prisoner in their own bodies. Shannon’s sister Michelle and fiancé Nick have been so strong and brave considering everything Rett’s has demanded on their daughter Ella. Please join us in helping little Ella and her parents with their fight to bring the medical and therapy needs to her and to raise awareness for Rett Syndrome!!! Please watch the short video on Rett Syndrome to better understand what Ella and her parents go through on a daily basis and please visit or for more information.