The WOD for 4.18.12 is….

As Many Rounds as it takes to complete:

50 Hang Cleans (95/65)

Each Round Consists of 5 Minutes to perform:
400 M Run
30 Box Jumps
As many hang cleans as possible
After the 5 Minutes expires, you MUST begin another round

IF it takes you longer than 25 Minutes, drop to a 200 meter run

The WOD for 4.17.12 is…..



Establish a 1 Rep Max Snatch

8 Minute AMRAP

8 Power Snatches (75/55)
8 Burpees

NOTICE: As everyone knows, Bobby will be leaving in two weeks for his duties over-seas as CrossFitters, we are going to show our appreciation by doing a special workout just for Bobby and as a family, I hope that we can all come out and do this workout together. So, what we need to know is, when would work best for everyone to do this workout? We can either have it as a workout during the week, OR as a Saturday workout.

Our goal is to get as much of our CrossFit family together at once to do this workout. We are a small gym, but believe me when I say it is our love for one another that separates us from the other gyms in this community. PLEASE LET US KNOW when you think you can come in for this very important workout. Thanks everyone!

The WOD for 4.16.12 is…..


Complete the Following Ladder For Time

10 Double KB Front Squat (55/35)  –  2 KB Swings
9 Double KB Front Squats (55/35)  –  4 KB Swings
8 Double KB Front Squats (55/35)  –  6 KB Swings
7 Double KB Front Squats (55/35)  –  8 KB Swings
6 Double KB Front Squats (55/35) – 10 KB Swings
5 Double KB Front Squats (55/35) – 12 KB Swings
4 Double KB Front Squats (55/35) – 14 KB Swings
3 Double KB Front Squats (55/35) – 16 KB Swings
2 Double KB Front Squats (55/35) – 18 KB Swings
1 Double KB Front Squats (55/35) – 20 KB Swings

The WOD for 4.14.12 is……


“A Different Kind of Dodge…”

Depending on class size, we will either play CrossFit Dodgeball, OR CrossFit Bombardment

In Bombardment, you will work your way to different stations and perform various exercises.  Meanwhile, CrossFit Coaches will throw dodgeballs at the athletes while they make their way from station to station.  If a ball hits you, you perform the associated penalty with that ball.  Rules will be explained in full tomorrow.

The WOD for 4.12.12 is….


Choose either-

115/75 Power Clean
85/60 Hang Power Snatch
55/35 KB Snatch (Switch arm as needed, but must be held during rest)

And Perform:

“Breathing Ladder”

With the weight/movement you choose, perform one repetition, then take one breath.
Then perform two repetitions, and take two breaths.  Continue this pattern until you
need more breaths than repetitions. This workout is NOT for time, but there will be a 30 minute cap.

So why do we do breathing ladders? It helps you learn how to breath when stressed
this will help you calm your breathing during those killer workouts, and not give into
“panic breathing.” Specifically in those workouts where you just cannot seem to
catch your breath (Fran anyone?)

The WOD For 4.9.12 is….


“Batman vs Superman”

5 Rounds for Time

2 Rope Climbs
6 Touch-and-Go Power Clean & Jerks* (135/95)
18 Wall Balls

* A touch-and-go power clean and jerk is performed by never letting go of the bar.  After the jerk is performed, the athlete must control the bar back to the ground, and immediately begin the next clean.
 If the athlete is unable to perform 6 consecutive Touch-and-Go’s, they must perform and extra 3 clean and jerks, before moving on to the next station.