The WOD for 7.31.12 is….


Before I jump into the WOD, I think it’s time we address something that is very important: Integrity in Workouts.  At CrossFit Nixa, we have been very lucky to have a community of great people and amazing athletes.  I have seen people push through their physical limits and exceed their own expectations.  I have (literally) seen athletes break down into tears due to the stress these workouts can put on both body and mind.  And what is amazing about our community, is that for every step of the way we have members that support one another whether an athlete has just PR-ed or is the last one to finish a workout.  THAT is what this is all about. 


However, we are also noticing a trend beginning, in perfectly capable athletes cheating the workouts. By this I mean athletes that will lie about their reps, times, weights, and form.  While I understand this is a competitive environment, it is important to maintain a certain level  of integrity in these workouts. Many may make the argument that a person who cheats during the WOD is only “cheating themselves.”  While on some level that is true, not completing the workout repetitions will only harm THAT athletes physical ability, but in effect, the consequences of those actions will go on to reflect poorly on the rest of the gym.  If one member shaves reps, and gets the best time in the class, what kind of message does that send to the athletes that have worked through exhaustion and a desire to quit?  Those that have a desire to try CrossFit in a competition setting, make no mistake about it, you WILL be representing CrossFit Nixa.   How you handle yourself in the gym will be how you handle yourself in competition, and in turn, will reflect on our gym as a whole.


To those that have cheated in the past, this is not a personal attack. Quite to the contrary, you get a clean slate.  However, don’t think that we have not noticed those who have cheated.  And from now on, we WILL be calling those athletes out if they continue to shave reps.  Not to be mean, but to create the athletes we know you can all be.  We will also encourage members that see another member cheating to let the coach know.  On a personal note, I know what you all are capable of, and let me assure you, you WILL get better.  You can all be tremendous athletes. And that is our goal.  To create tremendous athletes.  But legitimate athletes. That’s what CrossFit is all about, and that is what we will strive to do.


Now onto the WOD

  5 Rounds For Time


10 Hang Power Clean 95/65

20 Box Jumps 24/20

EMOM Perform 5 Burpees


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