The WOD for 8.31.12 is…



In Loving memory of Landan Bland

6 Rounds for time of:

Run 500m

8 Muscle Ups

29 Double Unders

12 Thrusters, 115/85lb

From the author of the workout Jeremy Mhire: ” While attempting to conjure up a workout that would be a fitting tribute to honor Landan, one thought – or rather, one number – kept rising to the forefront of my mind. It was the number SIX representing the six months it’s been since Landan’s condition was diagnosed. So, we will perform a 6 round workout. Landan was 3 years old. So, we’ll be running a cumulative distance of 3000m – 1000m for every year of Landan’s miraculous life. Landan left this life and went on to live a new and better life with the Lord on 8/29/12. So, each round, we’ll be performing 8 muscle ups, 29 Double Unders, and 12 Thrusters”

The WOD for 8.27.12 is…





14 minute AMRAP
7 KB Swings (55/35)
7 Double KB Front Squat (55/35)
7 Double KB Push Press (55/35)

*Each set must be performed unbroken. This means, once the athlete has
started a movement, they MUST complete all seven repetitions of that movement.
If a set of a movement is broken, it does not count, and must be re-performed.

Athletes may take as much time as needed between movements with no
penalty, but remember the clock is ticking.

The WOD for 8.24.12 is….


Happy Twenty First Birthday to CFNX member Jenna! Be special request, here is an Ab intense 21st birthday celebration!

105 Flutter Kicks

2 rounds
20 Bastard Sit Ups
1 Plank Hold (21 Seconds)
20 Reverse Crunches
1 L-Sit (21 Seconds)
20 Dive Bomber Push Ups
1 Plank Hold (21 Seconds)
20 Roll Outs
1 L-Sit (21 Seconds)
20 V-Ups
1 Plank Hold (21 Seconds)

105 Flutter Kicks

21 Minute Time Cap