The WOD for 10.29.12 is….



Before I post the WOD, we have lots of exciting/not exciting news to post. I will try to post these in order of increasing awesomeness.

First, and the “bad” news. Due to massive lack of interest in our 5 A.M. class, we will be eliminating it after THIS WEDNESDAY. So Halloween will be our last ever 5 A.M. class. We will be happy to add the class back, as soon as we have five member that will show up consistently to this class.

Second, this week we will have limited hours. Monday through Thursday will operate as usual. However, Friday we will ONLY HAVE THE 7 and 9 AM classes, due to the HOA competition. Saturday we will be closed, and we will be back to normal hours on Monday.

Third, you know how we all have those friends that want to come out and try CrossFit but are a little too scared to take the plunge? Well the weekend AFTER HOA, we will be hosting a Q and A session. Bring your friends (and yourself) to have CrossFit explained and questions answered. We are debating on either an early Saturday morning session or a Sunday afternoon session. So ask your friends which would be better for them so we can set up a time!

Fourth, everyone has been asking about starting a strength program. Well lucky for you, we are going to roll out several strength programs to choose from. These will include a Wendler 5/3/1, Linear Progression, Outlaw Training, or Hot Dogs and Cupcakes. Athletes are encouraged to choose one and stick with it for 2 months, leading to a re-test of one rep max just before the Open. We will be expecting some BIG gains. Expect to see your choices rolling out the week of Nov 11.

Fifth, along with the strength, we will also be rolling out a Mobility Course sometime in the near future. Anyone interested in participating, talk to Coach K about what equipment you will need to purchase before hand. Remember, our focus is on health across the lifespan, not athletes with a limited shelf life.

FINALLY your workout is:

Box Jumps (24/20)

*Athletes will set up Boxes and Burpee stations on opposite sides of the gym. In order to proceed to your station you must perform double kb walking lunges (55/35) from station to station.

So, your first round would look like this:
25 Burpees
Double KB Walking Lunge the length of the gym
25 Box Jumps

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