The Heats for 3.23.13 are…



Alright guys, the gym will be open at 9:00. If you are judging, have questions about the movements standards, or just love us and want to spend time with us, please arrive then.

Athletes: PLEASE ARRIVE at 9:15 to go over standards. If you do not attend this meeting and then get no repped, we are probably going to laugh at you and put it on YouTube.

HEAT 1 (9:30 AM)
Lane 6: Brittni Ruble
Lane 7: Jon Viland
Lane 8: Amy Sullivan
Lane 9: Kris Tate
Lane 10: Stacie Finley

Heat 2 (9:50 AM)
Lane 6: Jenna Smith
Lane 7: Ben Blake
Lane 8: Shannon Mathes
Lane 9: Craig Golmen

Heat 3 (10:10 AM)
Lane 6: Melissa Davis
Lane 7: Aaron Stokes
Lane 8: Alyssa Blake
Lane 9: Ken Nall

Heat 4 (10:30 AM)
Lane 6: Brigette Golmen
Lane 7: JD Schiman
Lane 8: Mary White
Lane 9: Canyon Moody

Heat 5 (10:50 AM)
Lane 6: Kylie Ludemann
Lane 7: Stephanie Stokes
Lane 8: Mindy Schiman
Lane 9: Jen Tate

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