The WOD for 6.28.14 is…

“The Thin Line Between Manic and Psychotic”

EMOM for as long as possible

3 Squat Cleans 115/85
7 Burpees
11 Double Unders


We are going to perform an experiment tomorrow (Saturday)

We have had a few people ask for an earlier WOD time for Saturday’s during the Summer, as well as some people request a CrossFit Nixa Yoga Class.

Well, tomorrow we are going to try to grant both your wishes in ONE day. Since next weekend will be a holiday weekend, we are going to trial run it this week! SOOOO THIS WEEKS SATURDAY SCHEDULE WILL BE AS FOLLOWS:

8 AM CrossFit WOD
9 AM CrossFit WOD
10 AM Yoga Class

If you are planning on attending the yoga class, please bring your own mat.

Please share this with anybody that might be interested, as well as anyone that is planning on attending Saturday classes.

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